Extra 20 Paisa per GBP/AUD and ZERO fees *Valid on 1st transfer of upto GBP/AUD 2000, will be applied during transaction processing and credited to your receiver account.

Fast and Easy Way to Send Money

Get started with SBM remit in just a few seconds. We provide fast and simple steps to send money to your loved one. With just a few steps, and you are done!

Select Country

Select the country of your receiver and view the exchange rate. We offer competitive exchange rate.

Enter Amount

Enter the amount which you want to send and view the exact amount which will be delivered. You will definitely get the best final digits.

Enter Receiver

Enter the receiver's personal and bank information

Confirm and Pay

Add your account information and book the transaction.


Your Safety is Our Concern

We implement highest levels of encryption techniques to protect your data.