Q. What are SBMremit money transfers?

SBMremit is a personalized online remittance service offered by SBM Bank (India) Ltd., the first Foreign Bank to receive the license to set up universal banking business in India through Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) mode. SBMremit ensures quick money transfers to India by Non Resident Indians living overseas. The service is user friendly, provides global coverage, multiple payments & delivery modes and above all, it has the lowest service charges.

Q. Which currencies can you use to make a remittance?

Currently you can make a remittance in United States of America (USD),Mauritius (MUR), United Kingdom (GBP), Japan(JPY) and Europe (EUR).

Q. Who can you send money to using SBMremit?

You can only send money to your own account or to a family member's account or to a friend's account using SBMremit.

Q. Why should you use SBMremit Money Transfers?

SBMremit Money Transfers enable you to satisfy the financial needs of your loved ones quickly, safely and conveniently from across the seven seas. SBMremit, our cutting edge money remittance service is far better than the traditional money transfer options like cheques, money transfer agents and wire transfers. The service is user friendly, provides global coverage, multiple payments & delivery modes and above all, it has the lowest service charges. Enjoy peace of mind with our "always there" customer support via phone, chat and e-mail.

Q. Are SBMremit Money Transfers safe?

SBMremit Money Transfers does not share the personal information provided by you with any third party (unless, of course, we are required to do so by law!). For details, read our Privacy Policy Moreover, SBMremit Money Transfer lets you put in money into your SBMremit account either by a local wire transfer via your bank account or an Online Transfer that directly debits your local bank account. This money can then be used by you to either remit money to your loved ones in India or to pay for purchases made on Indian websites. When you put in money in your SBMremit account either by wire transfer or online transfer, you will be reassured to know that no debit appears in your bank account unless you have personally authorized it. All transactions are carried out across secure encrypted lines and state-of-the-art firewalls, which have been put through extensive security tests to ensure that the integrity of the security system cannot be compromised.

Q. What is the SBMremit Transaction Number or SBMTN?

The SBMremit Transaction Number or SBMTN is the unique number displayed on your screen at the time of booking your remittance. It is reference number for your transaction. You can know the exact status of your transfer by simply clicking on your SBMTN on our Online Status Tracker. Whether you are sending an email or chatting with us online about your money transfer, you always need to quote your SBMTN. While sending a wire transfer to the recipient's bank via your local bank, you need to fill in your SBMTN on the Remittance Confirmation Page. On completion of a transaction at SBMremit Money Transfers, you must submit a printout of this page to your bank. This step is required by your local bank to process your money transfer.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of beneficiaries that you can remit money to?

No. You can send money to as many recipients as you wish. SBMremit has an Address Book tool in which you can store your receivers' details.

Q. Can you send money to an NRE\NRO account through SBMremit?

Yes. You can send money to any NRE\NRO account in India. These funds will be directly credited into this account.

Q. Do you or your beneficiary need to open any special bank account?

No. You can continue using your existing bank account for the money transfer. Getting Started

Q. Do I need to sign up for an account to send money through SBMremit? Do I need to pay any fees to sign up for a SBMremit account?

To send money through SBMremit, you need to first join us by registering on our website - Registration is absolutely free. After you create an account, SBMremit stores your relevant details and your receivers' information in your user profile. You can easily send money later on without re-entering payment and recipient information. All information stored in your account is secure and will not be shared or made available to anyone else.

Q. How long will it take to complete the enrollment? Do I have to wait to start using the service once I enroll?

It takes just about 5 minutes or less to complete the enrollment forms. No, there is no waiting time. Once you complete the enrollment process, you can immediately begin using the service.

Q. What is SBMremit's privacy policy?

Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

Q. What is SBMremit's user agreement?

Click here to read our user agreement. Sending and Receiving Money - India Basics for Sending and Receiving Money

Q. What are the sending options available to me?

CIP/Internet Transfer Internet Bank Transfer is the easiest way to send money electronically to most banks. You can simply transfer the funds by logging into your local Internet banking service. Wire transfer A Wire Transfer to SBMremit usually enables you to transfer money from your existing overseas bank account to India in 48 hours. SBMremit provides you with a unique tracking number to help you track the status of your transaction at any point of time. PAD/ACH Transfer This is available in Canada\USA. An ACH\PAD Transfer is an electronic fund transfer system that enables inter-bank clearing of transactions among participating financial institutions. In others words, ACH\PAD is a system that enables exchange of electronic transactions. When you send money from your bank account via a PAD\ACH Transfer, the recipient bank receives the money in 4 working days. Your beneficiary in India can expect the funds the very next day. * No extra cost is passed on to you . * No need to mail a check or visit your bank to initiate a Wire Transfer. * In short, PAD\ACH Transfers save you valuable time and effort However, if you are doing a PAD\ACH transfer, it can take up to 10 days to process your transfer as there is an additional verification process required. Therefore, please add your bank account so that we can verify it in advance. Then you can make transfers as and when you like. For more info on how to do a PAD\ACH transfer click here.

Q. Are there any restrictions and rules for sending remittance to India?

The following restrictions and rules apply for sending remittance to India: Country

Q. What are the receiving options available to my recipients?

Direct Deposit All remittances can be directly deposited to the account of the beneficiary specified by you as soon as SBMremit receives your remittance. You can also transfer money into your own NRE\NRO Account in India. To check list of banks, click here. Demand Draft (Available only for special cases) You can get a local payment draft delivered to your recipient. We do not offer this option as default, as it is archaic and involves physical effort on the part of the receiver to en-cash the draft. However, if you have a special requirement for a demand draft to be given to the receiver, then please write to us at retail.sbmremit@remit.in and we shall review your case. Q. How to do a SMS Remittance? Where is it available? SMS remittance is a facility available only from countries like USA and Canada. Send money to India by SMS at no extra cost! Simply link your mobile number to your registered SBMremit account. You can send money from your already verified bank account to an existing recipient of yours. To learn how to use it click here.

Q. What is an indicative rate? At what rate will my money actually be paid out?

Our customers can depend on the 'indicative rates' as a reasonable estimate of the exchange rate at which their transfer will take place eventually. The actual conversion rate of SBMremit is the rate applied on the morning the day your funds get converted in India. The conversion rate may differ from the current indicative rate. For example, if SBMremit says that the indicative rate of GBP/INR is 1 GBP = INR 100, that indicative rate may reduce to 1 GBP = INR 99 or it may also increase to 1 GBP = INR 101 at the moment of the actual conversion.

Q. What is a fixed exchange rate?

To safeguard yourself from any fluctuations in currency rates try our fixed exchange rate option. The money will be paid out to you at this rate only irrespective of any fluctuations in actual rates. However, you should complete the transfer within 1 working day itself or else transfer will be auto cancelled. Your transaction could be delayed because of the following reasons: You do not send the money into our account for the purpose of transfer. You do not submit adequate KYC documents or answer our KYC call for the purpose of verification. We are unable to trace your funds. In such a case you would have to re-book a transfer with the same amount at the prevailing rate.

Q. What is the Fixed Fee option?

No matter how much ever good a rate we provide our customers always want something better. Therefore we now give the option to our customers to pay a small token fee and in return we promise to give them the best exchange rate that we possibly can - when we convert their transfer! To see the fee amount to be paid see below:- Country

Q. How do I use the exchange rate calculator?

The exchange rate calculator is used for informational purposes only. The rates in this calculator do not represent the actual rate that will be applied to your transaction. This calculator provides an approximation. To view exchange rate calculator click here.

Q. When will a transaction be processed?

SBMremit can only begin processing your transaction request once the money is received in our account in the sending country. We shall pay out the money within 1 working day itself. However, if you are a new user, then it can take 2-3 working days as we will first need to do KYC verification. Also take into account that all days must be bank working days in the sending country and in India. Cut Off Timing : 1st Day of transaction will be considered, if bank transfer from your account to SBMremit's account happens before the below mentioned cut off timings Country Time UK 3pm GMT Monday To Friday* Singapore 3pm SGT Monday To Friday* Euro/Germany 3pm CEST Monday To Friday* *Excluding Bank Holidays in all countries *Booking date will not be considered as the first transaction date

Q. What is the KYC (Know your customer) process for SBMremit?

When you do a transaction with SBMremit for the first time a KYC verification call will be done and if required one would have to furnish a scanned valid photo id and address proof. When you add a new recipient to your SBMremit account, a verification call will be made regarding the transfer. Valid Address proof's Rent agreement Company Letter Electricity\Utility bill Bank Statement Driving License Id proof´s Passport Driving License SIN (only for Canada) NRIC (only for Singapore)

Q. What does 'delivery date' mean?

This is the date the funds should be available to the beneficiary for the SBMremit transaction. We cannot always guarantee the availability of funds on a particular date because of the differences in time zones, holiday lists and general processing schedules of different countries. The delivery date indicated by us for the transaction should be considered only as an estimate rather than the actual date for availability of funds. We advise you to check the SBMremit Status Tracker to confirm that your funds have been received by the beneficiary. Please Note: SBMremit can only begin processing your transaction request once the money is received in our account in the sending country.

Q. On what holidays will the remittances not be processed?

Remittances will not be processed on weekends and on the following bank holidays. Country

Q. How will I know when my recipient has received the money?

SBMremit provides this information to you via email or SMS notifications and on the SBMremit Status Tracker. We will send a series of email/SMS notifications informing you of the status of your transaction. The first email/SMS is sent shortly after you submit a SBMremit transaction. The second email/SMS is sent when your payment has been cleared and SBMremit assigns responsibility of your transaction to our partner in the recipient's country. Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive another email/SMS informing you that your recipient has received the funds. Note: Place the email address "retail.sbmremit@remit.in" in your "safe sender's list" of your email account to ensure that these messages are not mistakenly directed to your junk or spam mail box. If you're not sure on how to configure your email attributes, consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP), email service or system administrator. In addition, you can track the current status of your transaction by visiting the SBMremit Status Tracker Programs Repeat a Remittance

Q. How do I repeat a remittance which I had done before?

To avoid the painstaking process of booking a transfer with the same details again we have introduced the repeat a remittance feature, wherein a list of remittances done in the past is displayed and in order to repeat the transfer you have to just click on the button next to it. Rewards on Referral

Q. Is there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees.

Q. How do I unlock my account?

We have created an account unlock option on the login page. This will help you to unlock your account instantly. You can unlock your account only once in 24 hours. Alternatively please email an 'unlock request' to retail.sbmremit@remit.in from your registered ID. For more details, contact our customer support team by clicking here.

Q. What if I am having problems signing in to my SBMremit account?

In case you cannot log-in to your valid SBMremit account, please contact our customer support team for assistance. For details contact our Customer Support, click here

Q. How do I change my SBMremit account settings?

After logging into your SBMremit account, click on the Account Settings link in the My Profile section of the menu on the left hand side of the page. Make the required changes and save them.

Q. How do I add a receiver?

After logging into your SBMremit account, click on the My Receivers tab on the left hand side of the page. Enter the required details of the new receiver here and save them.

Q. How do I close my SBMremit account?

If you wish to close your SBMremit account, please contact our customer support team to understand the closure process. For details contact our Customer Support, click here Change or Forgot Password

Q. How do I change my SBMremit password?

After logging into your SBMremit account, click on the Change Password link in the My Profile section of the menu, on the left hand side of the page. Make the required changes and save it.

Q. What if I forget my SBMremit password?

You need to be logged out. You need to click on the Forgot Password link in the login box on the home page. Enter the requested details and you will receive an email with a new password. Use this password to log in again. When you access your account, change the password according to your preference.

Q. I want to block my account as I believe that my password has been leaked?

We advise you to frequently change your password and maintain total secrecy about your login details to prevent fraudulent misuse of your SBMremit account. In case you need to block your account, just send us an email at retail.sbmremit@remit.in from the email ID you had earlier registered with us. Fees and Exchange Rate

Q. What is the exchange rate applied on my remittance?

The exchange rate applicable on your remittance is based on the existing rate for the day that your funds get converted to Indian Rupees. On the day that you book your remittance, the prevailing exchange rate for that particular day is shown to you on our online rate calculator only as an indication. So you will know the approximate amount your beneficiaries in India will receive in Indian rupees for the remittance that you will be sending to them in your local currency.

Q. How can I view the Exchange Rate for the day?

You can view the exchange rate for the day by using the online exchange rate calculator on our website. Click here for today's exchange rates.

Q. What is the transfer fee for sending money to India?

The following transfer fee will be applicable for sending money to India. Country

Q. What are the extra taxes levied on transfers?

Tax is calculated as below: Amount of Currency Exchanged in Rs. Value Amount of Tax Upto 1,00,000 0.18% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for an amount up to 100,000 subject to the minimum amount of 45. 1,00,001 To 10,00,000 180 plus 0.09% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for an amount of rupees exceeding 100,000 and up to 10,00,000. Above 10,00,000 990 plus 0.018% of the gross amount of currency exchanged for an amount of rupees exceeding 10,00,000 subject to maximum amount of 10,800.